Thirrje për pjesëmarrje në Copenhagen International Manifesto Relay 2023


                    Për pergatitjen e Kongresit Botëror që do të mbahet në Korrik 2023 në
Kopenhagë, UIA (Unioni Ndërkombëtar i Arkitektëve), fton arkitektët,
dizajnerët, urbanistët dhe planerët nga e gjithë bota për të krijuar një
manifesto të hartuar me shkrim apo edhe vizualisht, që trajton rolet dhe
potencialet e arkitekturës dhe urbanizmit në përmbushjen e Objektivave
të OKB-së për Zhvillim të Qëndrueshëm (SDGs).



International Manifesto Relay 2023: How can architecture contribute to social and environmental change?


The UIA (International Union of Architects) will hold its World Congress in Copenhagen, Denmark in July 2023 with the theme: Sustainable Futures – Leave No One Behind.

In preparation for the congress, the UIA is calling for architects, designers, urbanists, and planners from across the planet to create a written or visually composed manifesto addressing the roles and potentialities of architecture and urbanism in the fulfilment of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We consider it an urgent call for action and collaboration, and support this initiative strongly.

We are therefore calling our members to respond to this call and will be selecting up to three candidates amongst members of Kosovo Architects Association.

The UIA is looking for manifestos that can bring a local voice into a bigger global mosaic of perspectives relating to the United Nation’s Agenda to ‘Leave No One Behind’ —covering the 17 SDGs.

The manifestos will be used for kickstarting debates, inspiration and exhibitions leading up to, during and after the UIA World Congress 2023 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The International Manifesto Relay is a continuation and international upscaling of the Copenhagen Architecture Festival’s Manifesto Relay from 2019 (in Danish only). It will focus on the 17 SDGs in the context of the built environment, and it will emphasize the importance of cooperation and transnational exchanges in architecture in a time of planetary and humanitarian crises that require global action and locally rooted transformatory practices. The manifestos received will result in a digital and physical publication that can initiate important conversations and reflections on the societal role of architecture in relation to the 17 SDGs.

Furthermore, the manifestos will be permanently accessible as a free-of-charge online resource to be used globally by grassroots organizations, professionals, students, decision-makers and others for debates, exhibitions, inspiration, etc.


Format and guidelines

The content of the manifestos will be mirrored by the World Congress’ Scientific and Practice Tracks and reflect the Congress’ six themes:

  1. Design for climate adaptation
  2. Design for rethinking resources
  3. Design for resilient communities
  4. Design for health
  5. Design for inclusivity
  6. Design for partnerships for change

The format of each manifesto can be equally playful or serious, imaginative or pragmatic, if it pursues the objective of challenging perspectives, provoking considerations and generating new insights. The Manifesto Relay exists in parallel with the UIA World Congress Science Track and other congress-related contributions.

Once assembled into a single heterogeneous piece, with one manifesto following another, a diverse, dynamic and holistic reading will take form. Thus, the UIA is very keen on keeping the format as free and open as possible; however, the guidelines below must be accepted and applied:

  • the manifesto can be written and/or visually composed
  • it must not exceed the size of two A4 pages
  • it has to be uploaded as a pdf
  • if the manifesto contains text, it must be written in English and proofread
  • the manifesto will be published in the same design/layout as it is received
  • the manifesto’s author(s) must agree to the terms and conditions described in the submission form
  • upon submission, the manifesto’s author(s) must indicate which of the six congress themes their manifesto addresses (can be more than one)
  • each manifesto will be categorized according to the theme, and each thematic section will be contextualized by introductory texts that synthesize the research and practices contained in a non-academic language



  • 23 May 2022: Deadline for submitting your manifesto to the Kosovo Architects Association.
  • 25 May 2022: Kosovo Architects Association to select top three manifestos.
  • 30 May 2022: a-a-k to submit top three manifestos to the UIA (Union Internationale des Architectes)

Read the International Manifesto Relay call (PDF) for a description of the motivation behind the call, the guidelines and the intended afterlife of the collected manifestos.


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